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Web Design

Design is part of everything we do at BORU Creative. We tailor our designs to your business by building a solid responsive foundation and communicating your brand with care and clarity.


Web Development

We bring your website to life with solid programming, built to last. Whether your needs are simple or complex, you can count on our code being clean, flexible and developed with care.


User Interface Design

Our designs not only look great but are intuitive and frustration free. We empower users to feel comfortable and competent in completing any kind of task in your application.

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We like to put the focus on your visitors. Using the Magento platform, we simplify the path to checking out, removing any hurdles in their route to sending payment. Security is a massive consideration, so we also run regular security audits and updates.


Responsive Design

By designing websites from the ground up, we can identify how the layout should adapt and optimize for each user experience. By designing with a mobile first approach, we can always show meaningful content and targeted actions no matter the screen size.


Search Engine Optimization

Many factors impact your ability to get to first; the competition is fierce and ranking highly in search results doesn't happen overnight. We'll cover all the bases with on-page structural optimizations for you. Then we'll help you create a strategy to get you to the top.



Identifying the key performance indicators for your online business goals helps you to understand and track your marketing efforts. We'll send you a weekly/monthly breakdown via email which will become a valuable resource in making decisions about your online activity.


Application Development

We love to build clever solutions to real business problems. Identifying a problem is only the first step; the real fun is creating a solution that saves you time and money and makes your day a little bit easier. Not all business problems can be solved online, but for those that can, we want to help.


Content Management

A good content management system empowers people to create and maintain their own content. We make the process so simple that you'll feel perfectly comfortable making any content change. If you're still not comfortable, we're always here to provide support.



We operate our website software with trusted cloud hosting partners, ensuring your website can scale up with your traffic. We'll help you choose the most cost effective hosting package and monitor costs on your behalf to optimize for future savings.



We guarantee our work for 3 months after completion of the project. If there are no changes to the delivered product after those 3 months, we'll guarantee it for 6 months. For you, that means we'll crush any bugs you find for free, no matter how small, during that period.



From broken links and outdated content, to performance tune-ups and everything in between. You're already busy enough. We can help you to maintain the quality of your website despite the constantly changing nature of the digital ecosystem.